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PSILOCYBE CUBENSIS MUSHROOMS - Large Spore Prints - Over 40 clean strains to choose from!

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 Your order today contains:

(1) 12cc Spore Sayings, the strain of your choice
(1) Mylar bag for long term storage
(4) Alcohol Pads
(2) 18 gauge Needles
(1) Set of gloves

All mushroom spores are intended for microscopy research and taxonomy purposes only. Spores are not intended for consumption. This is not a site to promote cultivation only microscopy research. It is your responsibility to understand the laws, legality, and regulations in your area concerning spores. The sale and possession of spores of cubensis mushrooms is legal in the United States. Please do not inquire about instructions for cultivation as we are a research website only. We will cancel, refuse, and refund your order. We do NOT have and are NOT able to provide that type of information. Any buyer that mentions intent to use our products for cultivation or harvesting of Cubensis mushrooms will have their order revoked and be denied future purchasing opportunities. By entering this site you certify that you are 18 years of age or older and understand the above information. Use of this website signifies your agreement to the terms of use and conditions.

Orders requesting shipping to California, Idaho, and Georgia will be refused, voided, and refunded. Possession of these mushroom spores is illegal in CA, ID, and GA.


Psilocybe Cubensis was officially identified by R. Gordon Wasson, former Vice President of J.P. Morgan Chase and a hobbyist mycologist. In 1957 he wrote an article published in Life magazine entitled "Seeking the Magic Mushroom", in which he described his psilocybin experience during a shamanic ceremony. Wasson was traveling in Mexico when he met a famed shaman, Maria Sabina, who agreed to let him take part in the ceremony, the first time a "westerner" had been allowed to do so. Wasson returned from this trip with a sample of the mushrooms and sent them to Albert Hoffman, the Swiss chemist credited with the discovery of LSD, who cataloged the existence of 4 psychoactive compounds contained by the mushroom. These compounds and their approximate concentration are psilocybin (0.65%), psilocin (0.60%), baeocysin (0.025%) and norbaeocystin (negligible). P. Cubensis is arguably the most common species and certainly the easiest to cultivate. In nature they are a moderately potent species however extensive genetic isolation performed by many both amateur and professional mycologists has exponentially raised the potency of the species. Drastic differences in both appearance and potency can be found in the over 60 cataloged "strains" with some, notably Penis Envy containing up to 50% higher levels of psilocybin/psilocin
Psilocybes. This specie as undergone extensive genetic isolation over the course of many decades, and therefore has artificially evolved increased potency and drastically varied visual characteristics. There now exist over 60 distinct Psilocybe Cubensis "strains" and we currently have almost half of them!


We have the following strains in stock today:


Albino A+
Albino Penis
B+ Cubensis
Ban Sa Phang Kha
Blue Meanie
Blue Meanie .
Costa Rican
Fiji Island
Golden Teacher
Gulf Coast Mushroom
Jedi Mind Fuck Spores
Koh Samui Super Strain
Malabar Coast
Maui Mushroom
Mexican Dutch King
Nepal Mushroom Spores
Orissa India
Penis Envy
Penis Envy Mushrooms
PES Amazonia
PF Classic
PF Redspore
Pink Buffalo Mushroom
Psilocybe azurescens (warning, very strong)
Psilocybe Cubensis B+
Texas Ghost
The Lucy Luminous Lucies
Treasure Coast Mushroom
TX Orange Cap
White Teacher Mushroom