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8 oz liquid culture, clear jars with our secret rapid growth p. pending recipe!

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Note: All jars come with a glass marble, this is not for playing jacks, it's used to help stir the culture without having to shake it. Please don't shake your culture, it could introduce contamination via the spore filters.  The Unique two-stage .2 fabric and .3 micron metal mesh filters ensure contamination stays out and your LC stays in!

8 oz CLEAR liquid culture jars with our secret rapid growth p. pending recipe.

The photo above shows two of our patent-pending 8oz clear liquid mushroom culture jars. The jar on the left was just inoculated with the popular True Morel strain, the jar on the right is the same strain and jar type just 72 hours later! That's right, in three days or less you're ready to go!

When preparing jars, even the slightest variation in PH can hinder growth. We heat, magnetically stir and blend all ingredients and then test and adjust the PH of each and every jar.

Our jars are then pressure sterilized in our medical-grade autoclave for 120 minutes at 15psi.

All work is done in a sterile lab in front of a laminar flow hood (see photos in this listing) wearing all necessary equipment, i.e. surgical rubber gloves, scrubs, Tyvek wrist sleeves, surgical face mask, etc.

All our jars are made by hard the same day they shipped if you order by 5 pm EST USA

We carefully temporally seal the air filter system, hand heat shrink wrap each jar, and then bubble wraps them and securely pack them into the shipping container.   

We may not be the cheapest jars in town, but with our clear LC jars, you know you're getting quality and peace of mind that your cultures will grow without the fear of contamination.

Clear jars (with no honey) allow you to see what's really going on with your LC, while most other canning jars have decorations that make viewing the LC difficult if not impossible.

We use the following ingredients in every jar:

Organic dry malt extract

Soy Peptone

PH-balanced spring water

And 2 patent-pending secret ingredients

Unique two-stage .2 fabric and .3 micron metal mesh air filters ensure contamination stays out and your LC stays in!

Note: we also sell an LC dry powder premix of exactly what is used in each jar we prepare, see our website or other listings...we also ship dry pre-mix powder worldwide.

We offer bulk discounts on all our products and you can order a single jar or 100 jars, all will be of the same high quality. Oh, and everything is made right here in the USA, Port Saint Lucie Florida to be exact!


Worried that in the winter months your culture will freeze during shipping? Don't worry, your culture is e protected from the elements (see listing photo) And as always, if anything does go wrong, we will replace your jar free of charge,

Thank you and happy growing.