ABM Mushroom Agaricus Blazei-murrill

Details for ABM Mushroom (Agaricus Blazei-murrill)

Agaricus Blazei-murrill

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Details for ABM Mushroom (Agaricus Blazei-murrill) Agaricus Blazei-murrill


Agaricus Blazei-murrill is a delicious, nutrient dense, edible mushroom containing minerals, fibers, vitamins and amino acids. Native to Brazil, it is now widely cultivated and researched in Japan for its health promoting properties. It is known as the mushroom of the gods for it seems to help fight against many diseases by stimulating the immune system.* It is rich in polysaccharides which the body uses as a primary source of energy and has been shown to have a higher amount of protein and carbohydrates than other mushrooms.


  • Activate the immune system*
  • Fight weight gain*
  • Improve liver function*
  • Cleanse chemical and toxic metals from the body*
  • Has been shown to have cancer fighting properties*


Agaricus Blazei has a brownish to tan color with a nutty, sweet taste and an odor resembling that of almonds. It can be cultivated on composted straw and horse manure as well as other mushroom substrates. Spawns can be cultivated anywhere from 65 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit with the optimal run temperature being 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Fruiting temperature is 68 degrees Fahrenheit.