King Tuber Mushroom

King Tuber Mushroom


King Tuber Mushroom


King Tuber (Pleurotus tuber-regium)

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Habitat & Uses

Pleurotus tuber-regium, also known as the king tuber, grows in tropical regions such as Africa, Asia and Australia. It consumes nematodes which are parasitic to many plants and can therefore be used as a natural pesticide. It is rich in polysaccharides which have been shown to be anti-tumour and to delay the progression of diabetes. It is also being studied for its antioxidant properties and how it can support proper functioning of the liver.

Not only does P. tuber-regium have medicinal properties, but it’s used in cooking as well. For example, in Nigeria, the sclerotium can be peeled and ground for vegetable soup. However, this is an expensive ingredient only used in delicacies. Most chefs will opt for chopping up the mushroom itself for similar dishes.

1. Anti-cancer* 2. Antioxidant* 3. Supports the liver*

Identification & Ecology

King tuber is a saprobic mushroom that grows on dead wood, causing white rot. It produces a sclerotium, which is an underground tuber from which the fruiting bodies emerge. The sclerotium is round, dark brown with a white interior and up to 30 cm wide. The fruiting body is similar to oyster mushrooms with white stems and tan caps. However, as it matures, the caps curve upward. Both the sclerotium and the fruiting bodies can be consumed. It can be grown on organic waste such as corn, sawdust or cardboard, making a great addition to any garden. Optimum growth rate for the mycelium occurs at 95 degree Fahrenheit but can occur between 59 to 104 degree Fahrenheit.


King tuber mushrooms can be cultivated from sclerotia or on cellulosic substrate. For the latter method, depending on the substrate used, you may need to case it with garden topsoil in order to get the substrate to fruit or increase yields. Like other Pleurotus species of mushroom, Pleurotus tuber-regium is fairly adaptable to many types of materials when carefully grown in the right temperature and conditions.