Stansport Hurricane Lantern


The Stansport small hurricane lantern is a great addition to your homestead lighting needs. Coming in the color red and in 8in and 12in sizes, there is the perfect light you could need in your home or outbuilding. This light can even be used while carrying to take the light with you when you need it. Hurricane lanterns are durable and fully functional. With the well known classic glass globe and protective wiring to keep your lamp running optimally for years to come. This lamp comes with a wick and control knob to adjust the lamp brightness to exactly what you need. With its dual-fuel ability, you can run the lamp on kerosene or traditional lamp oil so you can use the fuel that is convenient for you. Lighting is essential whether you are living off-grid our just trying to lessen your footprint. This lamp is sure to impress.

Here on the homestead, we use oil lamps. So we would never try to push a product you don’t need and we haven’t used it. At Miracle Farms we only try to show you products that we know you could use on your homestead. Products that will make homesteading easier. So why not try the Stansport Hurricane Lantern today.


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