Lamplight Ellipse Oil Lamp


Lighting is needed no matter what type of homestead we are trying to build. Off-grid, solar, or just trying to reduce our reliance on the electric company and lessen our footprint. We still need light. Here at Miracle Farms we are going for the off-grid in the modern world kinda homestead. We use oil lamps at night but still have electricity. The trick to using oil lamps is to have a good quality lamp. We only list lamps that we have used here on the homestead. That is why we have posted for you the Lamplight ellipse oil lamp.

This lamp burns for up to 30 hours on 19.5oz of very efficient lamp oil. Never worry about your light going out in the middle of what you’re doing. Standing at 13 inches tall and 5 inches wide you don’t have to worry about it taking up a lot of space. Be sure to order your lamp oil with the lamp so your ready to go when your new lamp arrives. With many sizes of lamp oil to choose from on our partner site Amazon you know you will have enough oil to last.

Take the guesswork out of homesteading and purchase the products we know work and stick to the hard work of making your homestead the best you can. Leave the hard work of testing products to us here at Miracle Farms. We are so sure you will love your new Lamplight ellipse oil lamp that if you don’t we will buy it back from you no questions asked. Be sure to purchase your new Lamplight ellipse oil lamp today and never worry about the light on your homestead again.


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